How Fast Can I Complete an Essay? The Surprising Truth

Composing a concise and clear essay on a short deadline is surprisingly not as difficult as one would think. Of course you would like to spend as much time on your assignment as possible, but you can do pretty well to complete a great paper by following a few simple steps. I can't do my essay. Even the toughest assignments can be written as quickly as one to two hours, assuming you know exactly what you need to do and get started immediately. Here’s what you need to know:

How To Develop a Detailed Plan For Writing Your Essay

The first step in writing a great paper quickly is to develop a plan which breaks up the assignment into several manageable tasks, detailed with how long it will take you to complete each. The best way to develop this kind of plan is to start at your deadline and work backwards, factoring breaks and unexpected stoppages that could slow you down. Consider how much time you will need to get print out your paper and get it to class. Don’t be among those that simply forget to consider all of the other responsibilities outside of the actual composition.

Conduct Some Quick Research

Assuming that you’ve run out of time and need to write your paper in short amount of time, you won’t be able to conduct the in-depth research that usually marks a well-written academic assignment. However, you should still have some to do some light background research online. Look for key terms and concepts related to your paper’s subject and topic. If you do essay writing online that you can cite directly make sure it comes from a reputable sources such as a government or academic site.

Create an Essay Outline

Take all of the information you have gathered through research and organize your ideas. It’s good to use a cluster format where related ideas are grouped together and you can get a better sense of the main discussion topics you will bring up in your essay. Take these ideas and create a detailed outline you can use while you write your first draft. This will keep your paper on the right track without getting off the main argument or topics.