Finding A Compare And Contrast Essay Example Of 5 Paragraphs

An essay example helps you to craft your own by providing a guide. This saves you time since you have an idea of how to choose and construct a title, write the thesis statement, develop a catchy introduction, etc. The challenge is usually where to find a reliable example. Using a poor quality example will affect your final paper. Here are recommended sources of quality examples.

Ask Your Teacher

Teachers understand the challenges facing pupils when writing different papers. They are aware of your learning weaknesses and strengths. Since they have an obligation of ensuring that you perform well in your academics, they readily provide samples of the kind of paper you are supposed to produce.

The samples provided by your teacher are the best to use. They come with comments that direct you on how to execute the paper. The teacher is also available for clarification in case certain areas are not clear. You will not pay for an essay given by your teacher. You are sure that such an example meets all the requirements, after all, it is the teacher who issued the assignment.

An Old Assignment

The rules for writing a compare and contrast essay do not change. This allows you to follow the example you used in a previous test. The adjustments you need to make regard the fresh requirements contained in the new assignment. Consider the comments made by your teacher over the old test. Implement the corrections to improve your chances of performing better.

From Your Peers

Seniors must have sat through a similar assignment at one point. They are likely to be in possession of past papers or may be ready to provide their own papers. Your classmates are also struggling to complete the same five paragraph paper. They are thus likely to have found a good example before you did. Discuss with them any areas you feel are fuzzy. They will help you in completing the assignment faster.

Check From the Library

The library provides a variety of reference materials including samples of academic papers. The samples are on different topics and disciplines. Their quality is certified considering the scrutiny that goes into stocking libraries. Librarians also help you in locating the right example.

The format of a compare and contrast essay differs from other types. This restricts the type of examples you can use. A good example will make your writing process easier and certain. It boosts your performance.