How to write a captivating essay about personal experience

Anybody can give an account of their own life experience without research. That makes a personal experience essay simpler. Even though it seems easy, some students don’t know how to create a good composition. There is a huge rift between narrating about oneself and an outstanding paper about personal experience. The distinction comes in proper explanation of the meaning and the organization of the entire work.

  • Explaining meaning
    If you want to discover the significance of your past life and let others know, then a disposition about your life will help. If you tell about something that happened to you long ago, you will be hitting two perspectives i.e. one in the past and another in the present. The difference between the two is the meaning we are talking about. To determine whether a topic is great, ask yourself these questions to find meaning.
    • How did I perceive the experience at the point of its happening?
    • Did it teach me anything?
    • Have my perceptions changed over time?
    • How did the event change my lifestyle?
    • If I could turn back time, what could I change?
  • Choice of topic
    If you want to talk about a recent occurrence, then your perspective will be more inclined to your present life. For a long-ago event your perceptions and meaning of the event will be different. You will then have to decide on what perspective to use: the present or the past. It is okay if you choose both or explain the present perspective in your conclusion.
  • Topic ideas for essay on personal experience
    If a past occurrence was significant to you, it would form a great topic for your paper. It could have been an encounter with another person, a one-time occasion, place, or a repetitive event. Use these ideas to brainstorm a topic
    • A very small event which taught you a big lesson
    • An action you repeated over time to make a change
    • A personal relationship you had with an important person
    • A major transformational moment
    • An encounter with a person(s) who changed your life
    • Memories of a place that turned you into what you are
  • Organization tips
    There are simple tips you need to compose an exquisite personal experience essay
    • Chronological flow of ideas
    • Unfulfilled expectations/ reality vs. fantasy
    • Framed e.g. flashbacks
    • Internal and external conflicts