15 Best Topics You Can Cover In A Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays can be easy if you write them correctly. Your professor or teacher will likely grade your paper based not on what it is that you are describing, but rather your written poise and flawless grammar. To make this easier on yourself, the subject you should choose for a descriptive piece should have a poetic beauty to them already. Here are three lists of five subjects each on which you could write an awesome descriptive essay.

First Five: A Beautiful Piece of Technology

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that there is nothing beautiful about most pieces of technology, and you don’t want to spend 1200 words writing something about oil or natural gas. But technology really can be beautiful, and here are the five pieces of technology that will make your descriptive essay sound like something out of classical Greece.

  1. Self-driving Cars
  2. Solar Panels
  3. Nuclear Energy
  4. Computers
  5. Vertical Farms

Let me explain myself here. Your descriptive essay can take on a beautifully optimistic and futuristic tone if you adopt a piece of technology that will change the world we live in as your topic. The five I listed above are pieces of technology that I think would be awesome to write about, but if you disagree, you can always choose a piece of technology that you think is worth mentioning.

Second Five: A World-Changing Historical Event

If you are extra knowledgeable about some historical events from other courses or your own walks in life, don’t hesitate to describe them in eerily beautiful detail. Here are five historical events that you can make into a both descriptive and informative piece.

  1. The Fall of the USSR
  2. The Kashmir Crisis
  3. The Independence of Any Country
  4. The Moon Landing
  5. Any event that was important to you. I would choose the Romanian Revolution.

These five historical events would make for a fantastic descriptive piece, but obviously the list is open to any event that you feel you could write about in full descriptive color.

Last Five: A Beautiful Part of Nature

Of course there is nothing more poetic to describe than nature. Here are five subjects you can write about in a descriptive essay that will be sure to make your professor or teacher think of you next time he or she goes on a hike.

  1. Photosynthesis
  2. Evolution
  3. The Motion of Stars and Planets
  4. The Life that can be Found in a River
  5. The Rhythmic Sound of the Ocean

With these fifteen subjects, you’ll be sure to write some beautifully descriptive pieces.