How To Compose A Compare And Contrast Essay On Dogs And Cats

Two animals which are most generally kept as pets across the globe are none other than dogs and cats. Many people are so keen with dogs while others are cat’s lovers. Due to this, it can’t be helped but have these animals compared. So, if you are to write a compare and contrast type of written discourse, topics about dogs and cats are great picks.

The assignment sheet and the professor provide the clear-cut requirements as well as expectations for any dissertation and some of these comprise of the following:

  • A comparison essay refers to the similarities or distinctness or at times only the similarities while the contrast one consists of only the distinctness. Take into account that the contrast or comparison should serve a purpose or make a point.
  • Forms of written discourses like this must be able to simplify something that is not clearly understood or unknown.
  • They must be able to lead a new approach or a fresh insight of viewing something.
  • It is also fundamental to bring one or both of the subject matters into more brilliant focus.
  • It must be capable of illustrating that one subject is deemed as better than the other one.
  • Be mindful that the thesis can introduce the subjects and point out whether they shall be contrasted, compared or both.
  • Some usual organizational structures consist of point by point, block method otherwise known as subject by subject and the comparisons followed by contrasts and (or vice versa).
  • It is essential that the same points must be tackled for both subjects; be that as it may, take note that it is not really needed to give both.

What are the other essential elements you need to know about how to compose an effective essay that intends to compare and contrast?

This form of written discourse is usually assigned to students primarily because they are great in promoting organized writing, analytical reasoning as well as critical thinking. For you to come up with an effective and outstanding paper, make sure that your composition is capable of making new connections or differences between the two subjects you are talking about.

It is crucial to answer the questions what, who, why, when, where and how. It is advised to apply these fundamental questions to your writing work so that you can obtain a sense of each perspective or subject matter.

Indeed, it is valuable to consider that an A+ paper won’t merely offer a summary of plot, characters or themes. The writer’s job is to actually contemplate on how these contrasts and comparisons can come up with substantial connections to a bigger issue.