Free Tutorial On How To Write A Great Personal Statement Essay

A personal statement refers to an extended writing piece that discusses about yourself. Such type of paper is where you could differentiate yourself from other applicants. It is quite crucial to leave a real impression that makes the committee want to see you in person or offer you a place.

So, what should go in your personal statement?

  • Expound the reasons why you want to study the course. Here, you can delve into what motivates you to take this course. State how your interest developed, mention what you have done to work for it and how you have drawn inspiration from your present studies. Alternatively, you can just disclose your keen interest for it.
  • Explore how you are right for your chosen course. It is substantial to provide evidence which clearly demonstrates that you are qualified- not solely you meet the selection requirements but also that you have researched about the profession or course and you have deeper understanding of what studying the course will involve and that you are very much prepared for this. Let them know why you wish to pursue the course.
  • You can mention what you have done outside the class. Consider outlining how you have persisted on your enthusiasm in your chosen course beyond your present syllabus. But, be reminded that it is necessary to avoid stating the broader reading that everyone else is doing. You may discuss additional reading around the subject and provide reflective viewpoints or critical views about it.
  • Contemplate on your experiences- from there, make sure to expound what you have learned from them or how these have assisted you develop your enthusiasm for the course. In the same way, it makes sense to reflect on relevant observation as well as experience as by doing so, you will realize that these are pivotal for some professional courses where you are applying for. Note that it is of great help to reflect on your experience and do not merely describe it. Indeed, discuss the skills the course requires, how you have observed this and how you have developed those skills yourself.
  • Take into consideration that it is not enough to solely list the skills you feel and think you possess- also consider which one relate most to the profession you are applying to. Afterwards, make it a point to illustrate how you have developed, utilized and enhanced these. In a nutshell, you really have to expand on the most applicable ones.