Creative Ideas For High School Students Crafting Persuasive Essays

To boot, the elements of persuasive writing are best presented in a fun-filled and convincing approach that consist of using supporting examples, stating viewpoints, linking ideas with reasoning as well as logic and of course appealing to your target readers.

It is worthy of note that there are a number of creative ideas that can be used by high school students when working on a persuasive essay and some of these comprise of the following:

  • Get students started by simply letting them be introduced to what is known as interactive persuasion map. This pertains to a graphic organizer online and is known to serve as a pre-writing exercise which allows students map out their altercation for this form of essay.
  • It helps to allow student’s meet with partner’s as they deal with their writing task. At the time of conferences, teachers can consider asking students to demonstrate the persuasive strategies they choose to use, guiding them to employ different strategies in persuasive writing, ensuring that students use their persuasion map as a useful guide, checking their examples and supporting facts for precision, assisting groups come up with an engrossing beginning and ending, encouraging partners to go over their paragraphs so to provide feedback to one another and lastly asking students to do the necessary edits as well as mechanics.
  • Even though the main objective of persuasive writing is to bring hesitant reader around to the point of view of the writer, the secondary objective which is certainly challenging to achieve is to persuade a decided reader to switch positions. Further, in this case, the initial phase is to understand why the target readers hold that viewpoint. You can consider creating a list of questions that are debatable in your class.
  • Allow students to come up with visuals such as paintings, brochures and posters- these shall be intended to be displayed as the students read their essays in class. For sure, this would be a great technique to incorporate when creating a persuasive form of writing.
  • In order to effectively persuade the target readers, the writer may consider opening with a strange statistic or detail. Alternatively, you may open using a strong statement; you may strike fact from a source that’s authoritative, open using a quotation or an anecdote.
  • In the same way, the writer may also open with an outrageous statements or something exaggerated. It is also possible to open with the help of an engaging question that could easily capture the attention of target readers.