Selection Of Good Topics To Write An Essay About

At many points in your educational life, you will be expected to write an essay - research based, original essay. The base of a good essay however, lies in your ability to choose the right topic. You could formulate a good topic or choose one if you follow a systematic process and consider a few points discussed below.

  • Interest is Supreme but Knowledge is Important
  • Unless you write about something you are interested in, you will never be able to work it out. That you are enthusiastic about a topic will show through your writing. Even if you don’t get the scholarship or the score the highest in class, you could be appreciated or spoken of for the quality of writing. However, you must also know about this topic as mere interest will get you nowhere. The project can be completed faster as you might already know about it or could have clues about where to find more information.

  • Form a Question or Narrow down the Concept
  • Instead of a broad topic, narrow it down to a particular aspect of it. Frame a question or try to point out an angle which has not been explored much and then write about it. Your attempt will be appreciated and you will find it easier to finish. For example, instead of writing about ‘The Films of Spielberg’, you could write about, say, ‘Female Characters in Spielberg’s Films’.

  • Brain Storming for those with Too Many Interests
  • Those who have interest in a lot of subjects need to brain storm. Write down all the subjects you have interest in and then work on the topics which can be delivered from them. Next, think of the topics which would be less common and the ones out of those, which would be easier to work on, in terms of availability of research material. Take help from the internet. You can also take cues from existing research work in that field but don’t copy the same topic as you will be caught for plagiarism.

  • Talk to Your Mentor or Teacher
  • Look around you and consider any recent incident or discussion which can be written about with background details. Check the availability of research materials. You can also take help from your teacher as he or she will be able to suggest something keeping in mind your capabilities and interest. Ask about any preferred kind of topics or formats such as descriptive, outlining, questioning and more.