List Of 20 Offbeat Topics For A Compare And Contrast Essay

So you want to complete a compare and contrast essay, but have no idea what topic to select to land that top grade that you so much deserve? Read further for a list of 20 offbeat topics to pick from.

  1. What are the differences between American football and rugby?
  2. How does weight classes in boxing effects professional fighters performance if they make a decision to move up a class or down?
  3. Describe similarities and differences between Aztecs and Native American cultures.
  4. How World War I did effected American economy and was America the reason that Allies won it?
  5. Who is better Kobe Bryant of Michael Jordan, who will win playing one versus one?
  6. Who was the best small forward in NBA history during the modern days of basketball?
  7. Describe the political changes after French revolution and wars that followed the rise of French Empire?
  8. Pick and describe the best TV Show of all time on television.
  9. What are the biggest problems now in the world and what can be done to solve them?
  10. Who are the biggest companies in the world that produce mobile phones and what are the biggest differences in their product?
  11. Describe what changes has to be made to achieve world peace in 100 years from now.
  12. What must be done to ensure that homeless animals have care that they need?
  13. What companies produce the merchandise that is used to climb mountains?
  14. Why NBA is called the best basketball league in the world and what leagues can challenge that claim?
  15. Who is responsible for rise of smoking during the last 200 years?
  16. What can be done to stop the hunger in war thorn and poor countries?
  17. Why does Japanese still hunt whales even after the public outcry to stop it?
  18. Can you still make a living even if you don’t have university education in economic?
  19. What is the importance of American Civil War and its effects on Europe countries during the last 400 years of Modern history?
  20. What impact rise of the democratic countries during the last 100 years had on long lasting empires and monarchs during the last century?