3 outstanding ideas for personal essays

Do you know how to compose a personal essay? If not, this guide will show you how and if you already have an idea, it will help you polish on your skills. This kind of writing is a test of how well you understand the language and how creative you can get.

  1. Apply active voice and positive language
    Did you know that language speaks more than grammar? You teacher wants to see you using your own voice in the paper. Active voice is whereby the subject does the object. Since these is casual writing, you have a lot of freedom and you should provoke emotions in your readers by letting them know how you feel about anything. A positive language is compelling. This means writing for a subject rather than against it. Let your ideas flow naturally with simple vocabulary that you use on your day-to-day life.
  2. Use specific descriptions
    In personal writing, you give your own point of view regarding the topic. So, make use of all you have to put the reader on their toes to experience your adventures and knowledge. Explain everything like you saw, tasted, smelt, felt, or heard. Tell the reader what was going on your mind and how you reacted towards it. You will be writing in first person mode because you will be talking about you only. You may include other personas but you will be speaking on their behalf. In most cases, past tense is used but it is okay to write in the present tense as long as you remain consistent. However, you cannot switch the two however you like.
  3. Inspire yourself
    To generate ideas, draft what comes straight to your mind and don’t quit till you finish 2 pages. At some point you will feel like you have exhausted all your ideas and it’s okay even if you tell the reader that you don’t know what to say. You can also get more inspirations from the internet.

The interesting thing about personal essay is that you write about yourself and so you have a big scope. Follow these ideas for college essays.