Research Essay Topics For Hamlet: How To Break The Vicious Circle Of Overused Ideas

Most students will have to study Shakespeare at some point during their education and, whilst many students dislike “The Bard”, not least for his use of archaic language, he is still incredibly popular, several centuries after his death. As a result, there is a good chance that you will need to write an essay relating to one of his plays. Considering the Hamlet is one of the most famous works by Shakespeare, there is a good chance that you will be required to write an essay based on the play.

As with many topics relating to Shakespeare, there are plenty of overused ideas, and it is easy to get into a vicious circle where you continually overused them. In order to break the circle, there are various things that you can do. Considering the play has been around for hundreds of years, is very difficult to think of anything absolutely brand-new; however, it is possible to try and adapt the approach that you take to a particular idea. For example, you can combine two or more ideas, in order to try and create something that is at least slightly unique.

Even if you are unable to avoid using an idea that has been used in the past, you can still try and avoid using overused ideas. To help you with this, you may wish to look through some of the ideas below. If they seem familiar to you, then try to avoid them; however, some of the ideas are not necessarily overused, and may be suitable. Likewise, you can try and adapt some of the ideas below in order to break the vicious circle.

  • An analysis of religious themes in Hamlet
  • Is Hamlet Shakespeare’s most important piece of work?
  • The use of language in Hamlet and how it helps to develop characters and plotlines
  • Discuss Ophelia’s role in the story
  • Why is Polonius stabbed and what are the consequences for the rest of the tale?
  • Discuss the structure of the play and how it is similar or different from other works by strict Shakespeare?
  • How is the theme of insanity tackled in the play?
  • What feminist criticisms can be made of Hamlet?
  • Why is the play one of the most quoted pieces of English literature of all time?
  • The role of Catholicism and Protestantism in Hamlet