A List Of Ideas For Writing An Essay About Love In Pride And Prejudice

Jane Austen’s 19th century novel, Pride and Prejudice, became an instant classic the moment it was published and remains part of the English literary canon studied by students from high school through graduate school. There have been a number of essays on written on the concept of love in the novel, making it a somewhat difficult to develop fresh ideas for an assignment. We have come up with a great list of essay topics you might want to consider:

  1. The draft title to “Pride and Prejudice” was originally “First Impressions”. What does this title say about what Austen wanted to comment about love as a theme that is prevalent in the final version of her classic?
  2. How does Austen treat Mr. Bennet in terms of how she wants her readers to view love? Do you believe he is characterized justifiably? Is Austen making the case that first love does not exist but true love does?
  3. In what ways to Austen use character development to justify the concept of love as it occurs in the novel’s relationships? Do you think the author was suggesting that love comes after personality change and not the other way around?
  4. Does social class affect relationships in the novel? For instance, does Elizabeth find pressures in education, etiquette, and marriage because of what is expected of her from her father? Can you make the case that she should have ended up with another suitor?
  5. What would Jane Austen have to say about contemporary and traditional marriage? Do think she would support the changes in women’s role in a relationship and to a greater extent marriage in today’s world?
  6. What role does economics have in influencing the events leading up to the several marriages of the Bennett daughters? What happened to the women in Pride and Prejudice who chose not to marry? Did they lead successful lives?
  7. Discuss the role that chance plays in the novel in terms of love. Does it help the action in the novel or is it a simple ploy Austen uses to further the marriage plot within the novel? Use specific examples from within the text.
  8. Throughout the Victorian period, the English placed a significant value on the concept of marriage. What did Jane Austen have to say about marriage being more for convenience rather than a by-product of love?