List Of Unique Topics For An Essay On Social Media

Social media is a significant piece of the marketing strategy for many companies and organizations. As such, it has become an area of study in most of today's marketing classes. Students learn how to create a social media strategy to help achieve business and personal goals. If you are studying social media and need to write an essay on the subject, here are some topics you might want to consider.

  1. Creating a Social Media Strategy for your Organization – Discuss how a business would decide which platforms to use and what types of posts contribute to the business' overall marketing strategy.
  2. How Your Personal Social Media Can Help You Win or Lose a Job – Discuss how employers use social media to help evaluate candidates during the interview process
  3. How Frequency of Posts Affect Your Social Media Presence – A discussion of how posting frequently helps to keep your audience engaged and how you can lose visitors by failing to post.
  4. Which Social Media Forums Are Right for Your Organization – Discussion of whether you should post to all social media sites, or whether some are better suited to helping you reach your overall goal.
  5. Using Social Media to Promote Your Cause – Talk about specific strategies for raising funds and recruiting volunteers using social media.
  6. How Social Media Has Affected Corporate Marketing – Discuss how social media has become an overall part of a marketing strategy and how its use has helped marketing campaigns be more successful.
  7. How Social Media Can Help a Business That Does Not Direct Sell – Discuss specific strategies businesses can use to improve their reputation and create brand awareness.
  8. Why You May Need a Consultant to Develop Your Social Media Plan – Discuss the intricacies of creating a social media plan and how a professional may be able to help get it done more easily.
  9. Why It Is Important to Have a Social Media Strategy Before You Post – Talk about how having an overall goal for your social media posts can help you decide what to post and what to skip.
  10. How Social Media Has Affected Personal Relationships – Talk about social media "stalking", reconnecting with past friends and how social media may have contributed to a decline in face to face communication.

With these topics, you should be well on your way to creating an engaging and informative essay about how social media has affected our culture both in business and in our personal lives.