Remarkable tips for composing your essay on "Catcher in the rye"

It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of the novel or not. The crucial thing is to know what to say about it. This guide outlines the steps of writing an essay about ‘Catcher In The Rye’ novel. It is a popular book and a favorite of many teenagers who identify with Holden who was a notorious adolescent. Here are some major points to put into account:

  1. Understand the novel first
    Go over the book repeatedly to glean on major facts. Put down important points on a notebook that will act as the bases of your paper. As you make note consider the following:
    • What captivates you the most
      Select a topic that interests you the most so that you will have an easier time working on it. The mind responds quickly to a captivating idea hence you will be able to give spectacular insights. However, let your ideas be specific and different from other scholars’.

    • The examiner’s requirements
      Don’t undermine the simple instructions from your teacher. Simple things like formatting style can make a big difference. Make sure you consult your professor in case of any challenge.
  2. Make an outline
    Plan for ideas you want to write about in the order you need them to appear. For every major idea, support it with relevant examples and facts. You can include page numbers for references. The outline will make your work quicker and simpler. The outline should have at least the following parts:
    1. Introduction and thesis statement
    2. The body (Main points)
    3. Conclusion
    The number of points you will include depends on the choice of your topic and the examiner’s instructions. Your thesis is very important but do not overthink. Your examiner will be happier if you provide examples that no other writer has used. Bring out matters that the reader cannot predict and explain how you arrive at conclusions using evidences.
  3. Catcher in the Rye essay topics
    One tripwire that most students fall for is writing a synopsis of the novel. Avoid this by finding one or two factors to concentrate on. Topic samples include:
    • Holden Caulfield character analysis
      Talk about how phony and rebellious he is because he doesn’t like to follow social value. His lifestyle is bizarre as he alienates himself from people who he can’t trust.

    • Maturity and loss of innocence
      Holden desires to lose his virginity in a special way. But he can’t connect emotionally to anyone for a romantic relationship hence he feels lonely.

How well you succeed in writing an essay depends on how you approach a topic. Given that a multitude of students have analyzed ‘Catcher In The Rye’, you need to present unique ideas with sufficient support.